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DALI Concepts

  • All DALI devices are part of a DALI line.
  • Each DALI line has no more than 64 lights wired together with a DALI power supply.
  • Multiple rooms are wired together in the one DALI line, if there are more than 64 lights then another
    DALI line is required.
  • DALI Broadcast allows an electrician to test and verify that the wiring has been completed successfully.
  • A Broadcast command will turn every light in the DALI line on, off, or dim. If any light does not respond then the wiring is not complete.
  • Once wiring is completed a DALI integrator may be required to finish the DALI installation for the contractor.
  • A DALI group defines which lights will be controlled together. There can be no more than 16 DALI groups
    in a DALI line.
  • Usually if there are multiple lights in a room they will be grouped and controlled together.
  • DALI groups can be changed and reconfigured without any rewiring. This can be done by a qualified
    system integrator in a commercial environment or an in house trained employee.
  • A DALI Group is not restricted to the way the system is wired.
  • DALI light sensors and presence detectors can be wired directly into the DALI bus to manage lighting
    in an energy efficient way.
  • DALI switches can also be installed to manually recall scenes or to manually control groups.
  • A DALI app is available for an elegant way to directly control the lights across DALI lines.