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ACU Sensor Housing 14rs IP20

ACU Sensor Housing 14rs IP20

Dali Lighting Australia

  • 1300

Product description

  • Mounting frame for wired 5DP 14f sensors allowing direct mounting to the ceiling
  • Easy „click in“ installation of the sensor
  • IP20
  • Casing: plastic, white
  • UV stabilized plastic
  • DALI MSensor 5DPI 14 is powered via DALI circuit, basicDIM DGC Sensor 5DPI 14f powered via control unit
  • Optional shutter for reduction of movement detection area allowing to decrease the movement detection area from 360° to 240°
  • Mounting kit with screws and decorative plugs
  • 0.5 mm wiring for the sensor
  • Two 3 x 1.5 mm² clamps with cable management (2 entry points on oppsite sides)